Hi everyone! im exited to say that the easter special is finally here!!!!!!
Check out my video

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Zibit Wipeout – First Ever Episode! (Part 1)

It’s new! It’s improved! And it’s a mixture of two!



With your two hosts, RobotBoy2001 and Andyman2002.  Spex, Dex and Sproc for nuts and bolts of all kinds AND winning the competition.

If you like Zibits, robots, Lego Mindstorm and the TV show Wipeout, you’re gonna LOVE THIS VIDEO!

Watch all five parts of Episode 1 of Zibit Wipeout! to find out who wins!

See all five parts of episode 1 by clicking on this link:


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Guess it

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Longest bubble ON THE INTERNET!

 My longest bubble I’ve ever made in my LIFE! It’s a new world RECORD!


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New Game – Spoooooooked!

spoooooooookedsweeeeeeeeet game

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I’m a Little Hamster

Here’s a song about what hamsters are and aren’t.

I’m a Little Hamster

Written by T on January 24th, 2010.

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lost at sea

see episode 1 today


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