Zibit Wipeout – First Ever Episode! (Part 1)

It’s new! It’s improved! And it’s a mixture of two!



With your two hosts, RobotBoy2001 and Andyman2002.  Spex, Dex and Sproc for nuts and bolts of all kinds AND winning the competition.

If you like Zibits, robots, Lego Mindstorm and the TV show Wipeout, you’re gonna LOVE THIS VIDEO!

Watch all five parts of Episode 1 of Zibit Wipeout! to find out who wins!

See all five parts of episode 1 by clicking on this link:



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2 responses to “Zibit Wipeout – First Ever Episode! (Part 1)

  1. Mrs. Lowe

    TAYLOR – I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!! Your videos are amazing, and so incredibly creative! I can’t wait to brag to everyone in the future when you are a famous movie actor/producer that you, Taylor Martin, were one of my students : ) : ) WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. joe cramer


    All the great film producers and directors started out just like you. When you are famous just be kind to your parents.

    Dr. Joe Cramer in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a pediatrician. It would have been fun to be yours.

    I just met your dad and he is a big fan or yours. I am just below him.
    Keep it up.

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